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“Every gentleman, at least once, should experience the joy of a fine Sangiovese wine.”

Riecine is to be the ultimate combination of the natural fruits of the earth and man’s creative endeavor. From grape to glass Riecine is to be produced without compromise.

Riecine wines are always to be of the highest possible quality. Riecine wines will always be true to our unique and special terroir at Gaiole-in-Chianti.

The Riecine vineyards are to be managed to the highest ecological standards without ever harming the environment. Our relentless objective is to create the very best wines from Sangiovese, the indigenous grape of our Chianti Classico region.

Whatever denomination our wines carry, they will exceed the specified criteria by a significant margin.

Our grapes are to be revered, cultured with extreme care, picked by hand, with every bunch inspected by eye before pressing. Any blemished grapes will always be excluded. All wines that carry the Riecine name will be wines exclusively produced by Riecine. There will never be addition of bulk wines from other origins or that vinified elsewhere.

Riecine owes its legend and history to the generations of winemakers since Etruscan times that have cultivated wines on our ancient soil. So today we must be an active contributor to the community of our region, and a supporter of the Chianti Classico appelation.

Riecine is a fine wine to be enjoyed in moderation. We do not condone underage drinking, over-indulgence or driving after drinking.

Our Wines

The glass bottles used are light and have a low environmental impact. 

The capsules and labels used for the bottles are recyclable and regenerable Polynature compliant with EU Directive 94/62/EC and certified by CSI Recyclabe Polylaminate. 

The boxes intended for packaging and transport are PEFC certified: only recycled and recyclable paper from regenerated forests; the inks used are biodegradable.


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